Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dissin' the President

President Barack Obama

My Facebook status today and the comments written by my friends made me want to expound on my thoughts about people dissin' the President. First, I am neither Democrat nor Republican. Both parties have ideals that I agree with and both have ideals that I disagree with. When President George W. Bush was in office, I would stand up for him as well when people made snide, rude and inappropriate comments about his decisions. We must learn to separate our own opinions from the character of another.

I've never met President Obama, but I think we would be friends if I did. :-) He seems very down to earth and I really believe he thinks what he's doing as a leader is the right or best thing for the country. Now, whether or not that's true is my OPINION.

I've seen comments posted on Facebook that make me want to "defriend" some people. Some are just plain nasty . . . like they have a personal vendetta against the man. But again, I saw the same thing with President Bush.

When we look at the issues of our day--- affordable health care for all, education benefits for all, equality for all and the protection of our religious freedoms---there are bound to be major disagreements. All I want to know is, can we disagree in a mature, responsible and cordial manner? Some issues, especially issues on morality are passionate for many. Personally, I take a bold stance against abortion. However, I have learned to disagree with others in a way that will highlight the truths in my words and not the anger behind my words.

The President of the United States gets paid far less than most celebrities, receives daily death threats, is ostracized by half the country and never can seem to do anything right. It's time we begin to support our leaders again. And for those who pray, PRAY! Pray for his health, his decision making, his convictions and his courage.

"Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14, NLT.  


  1. I just posted this comment in response to a rather opinionated comment from one of my Facebook friends. I stand behind it all the way!
    In obedience to God's word I have been praying especially for our leaders (Pres. Obama) and for Israel of course. My heart has been broken and I intercede almost daily in tears for our president. Because of this I find it difficult to be critical of him even though I do not agree with everything he says or does.I find that when I have been praying for someone only sweet water comes out of my fountain when I speak of them. As Christians we must avoid the political trap and not allow our cistern to be polluted with bitter water. I venture to say that those most critical of President Obama are those who rarely if ever spend any time praying for him.

  2. " Affordable health care for all."
    Ummm, this is a HUGE lie... and totally aggravates me to NO end.

    I would like to emphasize the words AFFORDABLE and ALL .
    The Presidents "health plan" should more accurately read -
    "Health care for everyone - free for those not working at THE EXPENSE OF THOSE WHO ARE."