Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Help, I'm Drowning!"

"I'm Drowning!"
Yesterday I took the kids to the pool. The older two got in the water with no problem, even though they can't swim and even the baby splashed about happily. But my five year-old . . . he wasn't having it! He stood on the edge of the pool watching everyone else have fun. As I tried to coax him in, he backed away---the closer I got to him, the more he backed away until he full-out ran to the safety of the lounge chairs nearby.

A little while later, he ventured to the edge of the pool again. "I'm gonna get in, Mommy. I can do it myself," he said hanging on to the railing for dear life.

"Corey, the water is only two feet deep. Come on in," I tried to reassure him.

"No! I'm gonna drown, I'm gonna drown!" he shrieked.

"Corey, do you think Mommy would let you drown?" I asked him, bewildered at why he was acting like this.


I was shocked. My kid actually thought I would let him drown. What kind of parent did I think I was?!

Lesson #1
As a good Father, God beckons us to "swim in the deep with Him." Much like Corey, we, for some reason, think that He is going to let us drown.

Lesson #2
We see everyone else enjoying life, making their dreams come true and we smile and think, "Good for them," but we don't have the courage ourselves to get in the water.

Lesson #3
We run to what's familiar (in Corey's case, the lounge chairs) or "safe," because we perceive the water as dangerous.

Little did Corey realize that even if he stood up in the middle of the part of the pool where we were, the water would have only come up to his waist. He was never in danger of drowning! God spoke to me profoundly through this little experience. It's all about our PERSPECTIVE! What one kid perceived as fun and adventurous, the other perceived as scary and unsafe.

In my business, Organo Gold, or even in my writing business, Dana Che, there are many who look at what I'm doing from the sidelines and say, "Good job, Dana, so proud of you," but they are not able to see themselves doing the same thing! Or maybe they perceive network marketing as "scary" or "risky." After all, what if I don't do well? they ask themselves. I, however, have come to a realization that life is all about taking risks. NO ONE, hear me, NO ONE who is successful got there by playing it safe. What's the worse that can happen? For Corey, it would've been that he fell into the water and I would be right there to catch him. For you, if you trust a loving Father who is able to keep you from drowning, the worse is that you fall and He picks you up. Be not afraid of what might happen if you try, be more afraid of what will happen if you don't.

This is my passion---to see people set free from fear and limited living. Jump in! The water's great!!

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