Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stop, Look and Listen

I try to write out of my own personal experiences with the Lord. Just today, as I curled up on my bed with my laptop and devotional book in hand, I was ready. Ready to hear from God. Soaking music was playing softly in the background and I was in position . . . postured for Him to speak.

After waiting a few minutes, I didn't hear anything. C'mon, Jesus, speak. I said to myself. I turned up the volume on my computer thinking I would usher His presence in a little quicker if my music were louder. Still nothing. I peeked out of one eye at the clock on the bottom of the screen. Six or seven minutes and two whole songs had gone by, yet I didn't hear the familiar calming voice in my spirit. C'mon, Lord. I know you've got something to say, I prayed.

And what I heard was: Wait. Wait? I thought. I am waiting. I've been waiting. Now come on. Is this as comical to you as it is to me now? Ahhhh . . . how often do we rush into the presence of God expecting him to dish out a word like our local barista dishes out our favorite latte on demand?

We struggle (at least I know I do!) with stopping from the ordinary, looking into the face of Christ and listening to what he has to say. Prayer isn't just us talking all the time. It's really a conversation. God speaks, we listen. We speak, He listens. Even still, it's difficult to cultivate a quiet spirit.

Listen. Just listen. The Father has so much to say. Are we listening? Not to our pastor's words, not to the television preacher and not even to the lyrics of a worship song, but to the still, small voice that is ever speaking to our souls. Can you hear Him? God is always talking, but we talk over Him so much that we fail to hear him. Isn't His voice enough for you?

You've gotten my attention, Lord. Today, I choose to stop, look and listen.