Thursday, June 7, 2012

Keep Moving Forward

Life is a Journey. Keep Moving Forward.
You know, no matter what stage in the journey of life you're in, one thing remains: you must keep moving forward. Life is a journey filled with twists, turns, setbacks, celebrations, obstacles, problems, triumphs, pain, risks . . . the list could go on. At the beginning of any obstacle, you are faced with a decision: fear or courage. Whichever you choose determines how long you stay at that "station" in life.

Say for example, you lose your job. That's a huge obstacle to most people! You might wonder, What am I going to do? How will I make ends meet? How did this happen to me?! You are at the beginning, the genesis of your crisis. I've said it before and I'll say it again, "It's not what you go through, but how you go through." The unexpected happens. That's life. You can't change it. You can't hide from trouble. Trouble will find you! So, how are you going to respond?

That decision is so key and crucial as to how long you will face that challenge. In this situation, some people pout, have a pity party and collect their unemployment check with no plans on getting back on top. Others become angry, blame their boss, blame the economy, the world, whatever. Then, there's the Warrior. This person says, "You know, I didn't ask for this, but there is a reason this happened to me. What can I learn from this?" This is hard. I ask myself this question EVERY DAY! "What can I learn from this?" Having that attitude sets you up for growth, blessing and influence. Let's face it, no one wants to hear your pity party! Now, before you accuse me of being harsh and "compassion-less," believe me, I've had my fair share of pity parties! Some of my parties had a room full of people and during others I was all alone. Cry if need to, but at the end of your cryfest, you need a plan. You must keep moving forward!

Many people get stuck in life because they never mastered the art of moving forward. They get swallowed up by pain and tragedy that they forget that life is a journey. Get your feet out of the mud, dust those bad boys off, make a plan of action and keep it moving . . . forward! Then, and only then will your test become a testimony.

I've got a new best friend, and her name is KIM. (Keep It Moving)! Don't quit. Because just around the bend of that obstacle is a celebration waiting for you to attend!

Love and Blessings, and I'll see you at the top!

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