Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Corey's Ram in the Bush

How did I find myself driving 20 minutes out of my way back to the baseball field at 10:00 pm after my oldest son's baseball game? With four sleepy children in the car at that. Simple. My four year-old had left his toy truck on the field and was on the brink of a meltdown if I didn't drive back to get it. "Please, Mommy, please. I need it,"  his pitiful eyes watered as he begged.

So, imagine my dismay as I drove my four-wheel-drive through the sand on the baseball field looking for the green toy truck. The Coach had forgotten to turn out the field lights, so at least I had some light. As any good mother would do, I send my eleven year-old out for the search and recovery operation. To his utter annoyance, he looked and looked, near the trees and on the playground, on the field and in the grass, but the toy truck was nowhere to be found.

"I can't find it," he said shrugging his shoulders as he slumped back into his seat.

At this point, I was through. "Corey," I said, trying to keep my anger at bay. "It's late, Mommy's tired. Where was the last place you had your truck?"

"I don't know," his fat innocent face shone. "Maybe someone took it."

All sorts of thoughts went through my mind at that moment. None of them appropriate for a four year-old boy in mourning over the loss of one of his favorite toys. As I drove much too quickly away from the field, my nine-year old cries, "There it is! I see it! Look over there in that tree."

And sure enough, there it was indeed. The little green truck was safely tucked away in the branches of a tree in the parking lot. WITW? Immediately, the Old Testament story of Abraham lifting his eyes to the ram in the bush, realizing he would not have to sacrifice his beloved Isaac came to mind. God had provided the ram BEFORE Abraham ever saw it. That truck was in the tree the whole time! It just took a nine year-old with eyes to see the provision of the Lord.

I just love God. He's just that good. He cares about the little, intricate details of our lives--right down to a toy for a little boy. What are you searching for today? May I encourage you to open your eyes and look for the provision the Father has already provided for you.

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